About us

Since our establishment, Sunland has assisted hundreds of clients, helping and guiding them from start-up stages to raising funds in major capital markets, including some of the leaders in the Technology, Multimedia and Telecommunications sector in China. Because our culture reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients, we understand their needs and concerns, especially when the law cannot keep up with technology and business innovations. Our clients deserve lawyers who are able to solve the challenging legal issues arising from their businesses every day.

Sunland invests substantial resources in technology, and more importantly, in our people. We provide comprehensive legal services across a variety of practice areas, such as Corporate, Private Equity, M&A, Intellectual Property, Litigation and other matters. We have won praise and recognition from both our peers and clients for our innovative approach to solve their problems, and have earned the reputation as a go-to law firm for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Your go-to Legal advisor
We fully commit to the pursuit of professional excellence to meet the pace of innovation our clients are bringing to their customers every day, and We constantly strive to make our services suit our clients’ needs including:

  • Series AA Equity Financing Documents:In order to fill in the gap for standardized terms and provisions in Angel-stage financings, We have developed a set of legal document templates for Angel stage RMB financing in Chinese, including a manual for entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with private equity and venture capital transactions, as well as a guide to analyzing provisions in financing documents, and is tailored for entrepreneurs who are interested in knowing more about the terms and relevant clauses in financing documents.

  • Entrepreneur Legal Classroom: With the aim of providing a legal introduction on relevant laws and regulations for entrepreneurs with affordable costs, Sunland has created an online platform whereby entrepreneurs can ask legal questions that matters to their business the most with ease over the internet.

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