Sunland represented Dianhuabang,completed millions of dollar

In March 2015, Sunland law firm represented Dianhuabang, completed millions of dollars in its acquisition of WhatsTheNumber. Sunland law firm is responsible for negotiation, daft, review and modification transaction documents and any other legal services.

Dianhuabang ( is the most professional Number Providing Service Provider in China, which has cooperated with more than 20 mobile phone manufacturers or software vendors like [Xiaomi、Meizu、Lenovo、Huawei、ZTE、OPPO、VIVO、LEWA、Tencent、Alibaba、Meitu、Baidu、UC、LBEsec]. Its end-user has exceeded 500 million and its active user has up to 60 million. Dianhuabng, the most completely and truthful telephone number database in China, included 85,000,000 telephone number of 60,000,000 enterprises and the aggregate number exceed 12 billion. And these telephone numbers distributed among more than 370 cities, included all kinds of service information such as government, enterprises, catering, shopping, etc. The merger to WhatsTheNumber enable Dianhuabang to obtain its technologies and talents, which will contribute to extend overseas market for Dianhuabang.

WhatsTheNumber based on telephone number, through artificial intelligence, big data analysis and natural language understanding technologies, constructed those non-structural information in order to conclude all fields information. Users can search commercial tenants through keywords and voice, can also edit individual tenant reservations, share favorite ones to friends. And WhatsTheNumber can recommend tenants precisely to users according to user preferences, time and place of use.

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