Sunland represented Xuanke in its Series A financing

In April 2015, Sunland law firm completed millions of dollars in financing of series A on behalf of Xuankewang. The investor is NLVC. Sunland law firm is responsible for framework construction, negotiation, review and modification of transaction documents and assistance to the company in closing.

Xuankewang ( provides service of course live on line for people to find a suitable course for their own on the search platform. Now it has covered twenty thousand courses of 4439 teachers and 691 education institutions, and become the most important channel for more than 3 million college students to choose a live course. After this round of financing, Xuankewang will dig for the core requirements of “search for courses” and continue to improve the course recommendation functions to complete the translation from a platform to a one-stop service and improve the user experience. 

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